Pro Canvas Photo Prints

A Classic at its Best on Pro Canvas Photo Prints

We redefined the classic canvas.
Through print quality and mounting precision, our Pro Canvas Photo Prints gets the best out of technology without sacrificing clean design and price competitiveness.
With totally precise angles, minus the awkward overlaps so common in the market, this product finally allows your canvas prints to take a significant leap forward.
The panel is made from a rigid monoblock, perfect in every way. No need to hide the back. There are no staples or unsightly mounting. It’s all around perfection!

A canvas for the your erotic professional photos at last!

Pro Canvas Photo Prints is the simplest and most effective solution within our wall art collection. It is a perfect balance between visual impact and affordability.
Built on an idea of quality that is essential for your professional photos.

 Pro Canvas Photo Prints

Technical Information

  • Exclusive anti-glare “touch” finishing: Stunning at sight, enticing on your finger prints. We built our Pro Canvas Photo Print to last over time, for an amazing feedback each time you look at it, each time you will touch it. A silky surface, completely anti-glare for rich blacks and rich colors.
  • High Quality Canvas: A careful choice of materials and their chemical-physical features is the secret for high quality yet cost effective results. Texture, brightness and longevity are the distinctive feature of our Pro Canvas Photo Prints. 
  • Archival certified 12 HD fine art printing: A true fine art print with exceptional color accuracy and vibrancy. The technical superiority of the inkjet inks offer exceptional results with deep blacks and high definition. this prints are unalterable over time and ensures museum-like quality.
  • Fade Resistance / Print Longevity: Color: Up to 200 years. Black and White; Up to 400 years
  • Impressive mounting without joints or staples: Let’s be honest here. Who wants to deliver a badly finished or flimsy product? Our Pro Canvas Photo Prints is the first canvas ever where mounting and finishing is invisible, perfectly sealed and processed with meticulous precision. Actually this product has no bad sides!
  • Seal Of Authentification

alex authentic

Pro Canvas Photo Prints comes with a seal on the back that guarantee that the print has made at our studio. 

The seal is also signed personally by Alex Manfredini to guarantee its authenticity and origen.

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