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Posted Tuesday 5 July 2016

Washington Photography Workshops

Washington Photography Workshops


It’s time to take your glamour photography skills to a whole new level. Top Glamour Photographer Alex Manfredini will teach you the very latest in glamour photography, makeup secrets for glamour photography, Photoshop tips, tricks and advanced artistic lighting techniques, and how maximize your photo session workflow. The workshop will be held at luxurious location or a photo studio with the hottest glamour models of the world. You can’t miss this opportunity to see Alex in action in this unique and easy-to-understand workshop that’s sure to have you working smarter, faster and getting better glamour photographs than ever before. (more…)

Atlanta Workshop with Valerie Shaw

Posted Monday 1 February 2016

Atlanta Model Valerie Shaw

Atlanta Model Valerie Shaw


Lighting 4 Nude – Chicago

Posted Saturday 3 October 2015

Lighting-4-nude-chicago-Brittany-Morgan (more…)

Glamour Photography – 2014 Tour de France

Posted Wednesday 18 September 2013


If you have been day dreaming about a perfect glamour photography workshop, in the perfect place with gorgeous models lead by an iconic team in the glamour photography industry, then stop dreaming. You could be one of the SIX photographers at our Paris 2014 Glamour Photography Workshop. a two day workshop where you will learn about the secrets of the trade that makes Alex Manfredini one of the most admired glamour photographers in the world. At  at the absolute perfect place: Paris.

Our Two Day Photography Workshop consist:


The workshop will officially begin after an introduction by Alex after a petite dejeuner (french term of small breakfast). We will start with the makeover secrets by the worldwide recognized artist-stylist Sandra Manfredini. When makeover is done you will learn our basic setup steps to use, covering from the selection of the right lens, how to get the perfect exposure through the whole photoshoot, metering lights for for the right shooting mode, etc

We will focus on shooting styles, natural light vs speedlights recipes and posing directions to make your model look beautiful and flattering all body types. We will do a short photo shoot with hands on practice allowing you to shoot our models to build your portfolio. There will be one on one shooting as well as group shoot settings.

At evening we will do a shoot a sunset at the Seine River that we will touch up the following morning. Alex will be leading the shoot, and attendees will be able to shoot around each other. This is a great opportunity to see Alex in action


We are starting the day at dawn with a classic flamour set at the Eiffel Tower with one of our models from the previous day in a more editorial outfit, and with the eiffel tower in the background

Our one-on-one nude photography workshop is also available upon request

After the sunrise shoot, we will then head back to the hotel to learn about photoshop tips and tricks to edit your pics as a pro until noon that we will wrap the seminar


Please let us know about your needs and we will be glad to estimate your private photo session with Alex and Sandra. We can also offer you to build your Photobook of your session or portfolio and ship it to you worldwide

If you are interested to participate in this seminar or private photo session please fill out the form to receive updates via email


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Alter Ego Photography

Posted Wednesday 14 July 2010

Alter ego photography is about portrait another side of oneself; basically a second self. But what is alter ego means?. In more colloquial terms, it’s a person’s “dark side.”

The term “alter ego” has become a part of everyday language more commonly used outside of psychology. Although, the term alter ego it has been used more in fiction like the well-known example is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. , Iconic film characters associated with the actor like Sylvester Stallone and Rocky Balboa, or Arnold Swarzenegger and Terminator. Once people imagine an alter ego, the person start dreaming with the second self living their dreams and have a life of what they want. At Kendall Portraits, we portrait the another personality you have in you. So you pretty much have another identidy in you. Theres really nice you..and your alter ego may be horrid, wicked, and mean.

Give us a call and let us portrait your hidden side. Call now at 305-254-1445 and book your session or receive a free consultation about how to draft your “ideal” portrait

Posted Tuesday 14 July 2009